100 ward challenge

100 ward challenge

 one sunny day a girl went to the  pet shop her name was rosse she wanted a kitten  but when she lifted the lid a little puppy was there she looked at the puppy .

She thought it was a little cut so she bought it she like to do every thing with him   one it day went  some were she started to cry but  the puppy was just playing hid an go seek  but rosse did not no she loked in the little bag.

he jump’ t out she was so happy from that day she never let him  out at night time the end.



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  1. Well done. I like that you have included kittens and puppies – very cute! I am glad that your character learnt a lesson too. You have used so,e good connectives to link your ideas like ‘but’ and ‘so’.

    Keep writing!

    Mrs Tunnicliffe (Team 100wc)
    Riders Junior School
    Havant, Hampshire, UK

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