100 word challenge

100 word challenge
Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a homeless little girl called lily,all she had to eat was bugs. The next day,lily walked so far she thought her legs would fall off but when lily gave up she noticed a, beautiful castle and thought she would go there tomorrow.That next day,when she was on her way to the castle, she tripped over a lid, when she got back to her feet she and lifted it, but when she lifted the lid…
TUNES OF MONEY CAME OUT! She was now rich, She so rich,she became a princess with 3 lovely children. Yes.

                                   The end!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Mia- what a cheerful story. I like the way you establish how poor Lily is by suggesting her diet of bugs – very imaginative – you contrast this well with the ‘beautiful castle.’Could you have described in more detail her reaction to finding what lay beneath the lid? Also remember to use capital letters for names-Lily.

  2. i love your story mia it really is good and I love the part when she became a princess and had three beautiful children

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