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100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a boy called Joe and he was the richest kid ever he had all the stuff he wanted. One day it was far too hot he couldn’t feel the fan even it was on full wack joes dad had a YELLOW Lamborghini wich co$ted £700.000 Joe was stagerd.

Until one day when his dad got a girl friend and she wanted a rolls Royce in soooollllliiiiddd gold.

Joe said “don’t buy her that because she is very Rude”.

His dad said “yes I will buy you all of it my darling” Ok im of to the shops!


Once upon a time, there was a girl called Gabz and she once received a package from the post girl called  Amy. When amy had gone Gabz thought “what’s in there” she said in a frightening voice. After that she went to her father and he said why don’t you unwrap it Gabz was so excited about opening her very first package ever she shouted” out “WOW” that was louder than a flute at it’s top noise oh said Gabz when she opened the wrapping but when she lifted the lid oh its only a box of chocolate than her dad said lets go to shop.